Monday, May 26, 2014

Beach Bum

After the last several vacations that we've been on I told Chris that this year I wanted to take a beach vacation.  I've been trying to get him to go to the beach for 12 years and this is the first year that he's agreed.  We told some of our really good friends about it and they told us to use their travel agent from Beach Bum Vacations.  We emailed her and she emailed back with a few suggestions of places that meet our budget and needs.  We decided to choose the smaller resort that she sent us and it worked out perfectly!  Normally we are always on the go on our vacations, we're out the hotel doors by 7 in the morning and we don't return until midnight sometimes.  So I was really looking forward to a relaxing vacation.
The resort we ended picking was El Dorado Seaside Suites which is located in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  It's an hour outside of Cancun and 30 minutes from Playa Del Carmen.  The good thing about booking our vacation through Beach Bum Vacations was that she took care of everything from booking our flights, shared transfers to the resort, and asking for an upgrade to a beach view room.  Since we also went during our anniversary window we also qualified for $750 anniversary/honeymoon package.   This included free WiFi, champagne waiting in our room, a candlelit dinner on the beach, a couple's massage on the beach and breakfast prepared by the chef delivered to our room.
Views from our balcony.
I'm so glad we choose this resort over some of the other ones because of its size.  There are tons of huge resorts down there but the smaller size was perfect.  Granted, it did feel like a long ways from the airport but I think that it was worth the drive.  I never felt that there were tons of people and you could walk everywhere without having to take a golf cart. I loved that it was an all-inclusive adults only resort too.  It was nice to be able to choose from 7 different restaurants for dinner and if we didn't feel like going anywhere we could order room service any time.  All of the food that we had was really good and we never had to wait long for it to arrive.
After reading several reviews of the resort on TripAdvisor I was really worried about the beach area.  They had to put in artificial reefs a few years ago because a hurricane came and destroyed part of the beach.  I was worried that it was going to look really ugly but I found that it really didn't bother me at all, especially in the area of the beach where we spent most of our time.  I loved that we had a beach waiter/waitress who always made sure that we had plenty to drink.  Pedro really took care of us and even made me special drinks.
Every morning they rake and pick up all the seaweed.
We never had any issues finding a place to sit or a bed to lay on.
I'm basically using this post to review the resort in case anyone else is interested in staying here.  If you're considering staying here I'd highly recommend it.  They definitely spoiled us and the service is amazing! I'll post some more personal pictures in another blog post.
Make sure and leave a tip for your maid and they will make you towel art.

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