Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Branson 2011

In December we went to Branson with Chris's whole family.  Chris's mom rented a beautiful cabin that overlooked a creek.  We had a great time together the only bad thing was that it rained most of the weekend. 
Our room
Thankfully it didn't rain the morning that we decided to go zip lining.  It was so much fun and I'd love to do it again.
We all had to sign waivers before we went.
Someone looks nervous!

Bacon Lovin' Tailgate Windup

The guys went all out for the last couple of tailgates of the year.  Greg bought another tent with sidewalls and we had some really good BBQ.  Chris's mother bought them a sign at the War Eagle craft fair to put up every tailgate.  I can't wait to see what they do for this years tailgate.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Halloween Party 2011 Winners

I decided to break up the Halloween party photos into two seperate posts since there are so many pics.  Here are the award winners for 2011:
Funniest costume
Most Original Costume
Scariest Costume
Prettiest Costume
Best Men's Costume
Best Women's Costume
Funniest Costume
Group Winners

Halloween Party 2011

Our 6th annual Halloween Spooktacular was a huge success like normal.  I love getting to see everyone's Halloween costumes and of course I love getting to dress up as well.  This year I decided to do something totally different for Halloween.  Every year I dress up in a costume that doesn't require that much makeup or hair.  This year I went as a Day of the Dead girl.  Thankfully my good friend Dwight is a hairdresser and he does AMAZING makeup as well.  It took him almost three hours to my hair and makeup and it turned out wonderful!!  He not only had to do my hair and makeup but he also had to do James, and himself as well.  I can't wait for Halloween this year.  Warning there are a TON of photos.