Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pig Trail Mud Run

A week ago from Saturday Chris ran in the Pig Trail Mud Run.  It was a 5K with 15 obstacles sponsored by the Springdale Rotary Club. He ran with a group of guy friends two of which have never run a 5K.  He named the team the Mighty Mighty Mighty Hogtones.  Thankfully the rain stopped just in time for the run and it was still cloudy. Chris's family all came up to watch and his brother-in-law Seth ran too. Chris's mom, our friend Michelle and I pretty much ran along side them the majority of the race taking pictures.  They finished in a little over an hour but they had one guy on their team that hadn't run very much so they spent a lot of time walking.  I know they all had a great time and plan on doing again next year. 

The only bad thing was that Chris fell on one of the obstacles and busted his knee up pretty badly.  We had to go last week to have it X-rayed to make sure it wasn't broken.  He had to have a tetanus shot and is having to take antibiotics from an infection from the pond water getting into the wounds. He's been pretty bummed because he hasn't been able to go run.  He's hoping to try to go sometime tonight. 
Their serious photo.
This is right after Chris fell on a big rock!
Proof that they got muddy!

Dusty is king of the hay bales!

I loved all of their names.
Elliot had never run this much!!
Pictures are a little blurry here because we had to sprint to the finish line to catch them.
Judy is one of our pastors at church.  She asked Chris if he would like to run in it.
All finished!

Monday, June 10, 2013

11th Anniversary

This past Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe how quickly time hast past since we first said I do.  God truly has blessed me with a wonderful man.  He is my best friend and he knows me better that anyone.  All he has to do is look at me and know what I want.  He says I have different looks for when I'm hungry, tired, etc.  Since I had to work all weekend we didn't have a lot of time to celebrate.  So Saturday after I got off from work we went out to dinner at James at the Mill.  After dinner we headed home to change to go to the Natural's game.  Chris got tickets for us because it was Star Wars night.  We sat with our pastor and his wife and talked the night away.  The game was followed up with fireworks.  It was a very nice anniversary and I look forward to spending many more amazing years together!
This is one of my favorite photos!
I couldn't pass up having my picture taken with some Star Wars characters.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball recap

Well the baseball season for the Razorback Baseball team finished last Sunday.  We didn't make it out of regionals. But the last home series was actually last month.  I just never got around to posting pics from the final series.  Friday night was fireworks night but it really wasn't fun because we lost the game.  I'm kinda glad that baseball season is over with.  Normally I'm really sad about a season ending but it was really strange this year.  Maybe it was because we were crazy busy and didn't have a lot of spare time.  Hopefully next year we're better and we can at least make it to super regionals.
We couldn't pass up having our picture taken with Ribby in a suit.  The guy who actually plays Ribby graduated this year so it's my last picture with this Ribby.
Tusk was so happy to be at Baum Stadium.
Last game of the year.

Bark at the park

Last month we took the dogs to their first baseball game.  One of the perks of working for the city is that all full time staff get two tickets to the minor league baseball team.  It so just happens that the tickets I forgot for this year fell on Bark at the Park.  I've always wanted to take the dogs but there is normally a home Razorback baseball game going on at the same time.  Thankfully it was an away series so we were able to take the pups.

They had a really good time and we made it to the top of the 4th inning before we decided to leave.  Newton wanted to attack one of the bigger dogs that was on our row.  Other than that they loved it.  Newton loved being able to watch the baseball game and all of the people.  Baxter just liked being out with Chris.  We'll definitely have to take them again next year.