Thursday, May 28, 2009

Assimilate this!

If you’ve been following our blog you probably were beginning to wonder if we were alive. As you can see our deaths have been greatly exaggerated. The last month has gone by in a whirlwind of activities. Now that baseball season is wrapping up we’ll have more time to blog. I’ll try to recap the major highlights of the past month.

Chris went on a float trip with his men’s group from church. He had a blast and he came back with everything intact. If you are asking if he was injured, thankfully he only flipped his canoe a few times but he was fine! One of the guys on the trip took his camera with him so I'll have to have Chris upload some photos of his trip later.

We were one of the first people in Northwest Arkansas to see the new Star Trek movie. We got advanced tickets to see the Thursday night showing before the movie came out. If you haven’t seen it we would recommend that you go. Chris absolutely loved the movie and I was left wanting a little more. I won’t bore you to death with everything that I didn’t like about the movie (most of you know that we are HUGE Star Trek fans) but it is still worth watching especially if you have don’t know Star Trek that well.

Chris’s parents came up Mother’s Day weekend. We had my parents and his parents over for a home cooked meal. Chris made a wonderful meal for everyone and I hope that our parent’s enjoyed themselves! It doesn’t seem like we get to spend as much time with our parents as we’d like so this was a great treat to show them especially our mothers how much we love them!!

We also discovered that weekend that Baxter was really sick and we eventually had to take him to the emergency vet clinic. He was in so much pain that he could barely walk. We thought that he was having an allergic reaction to some new flea medication that we gave him. But it turns out that Baxter has Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). They gave him a shot of morphine, lots of pain pills, and put him on a two week crate rest. He seems to be doing better now but there are days where he’s been jumping off things were he really hurts. Hopefully it won’t lead to paralysis or neurological problems later on.

We’ve also had The Gibson’s come up for the last Razorback Baseball home game. I won’t give a recap of that game because it was one that wasn’t so good. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves anyways. That Sunday we had a small group of people from our church come over for a cook out. Thankfully it stopped raining that day for us to enjoy the wonderful food and company!

Our next big event will be our 7 year wedding anniversary in less than two weeks. I'll be posting some wedding pictures of that day many years ago! Since there has been quite a few Star Trek references I will leave you with this quote "Live long and prosper"- Spock