Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Color Run

Last Saturday I ran in my first 5k!! I decided for my first 5k I wanted to do something fun and we all decided to do The Color Run in Tulsa.  If you haven't heard of the color run you are missing out on the Happiest 5k on the planet!! It isn't a timed race so if you need to stop you can or if you want to walk the whole thing you can do that too. Every half mile they have different color zones where you are doused from head to toe with color.  By the end of the 5k you are completely colorful.

So last Friday afternoon we all got in the car and drove over to Tulsa.  We ate some yummy food at Joe Momma's and wandered around downtown Tulsa.  We found a cute little crepe and gelato shop called Mod's to eat at for dessert. Then we headed back to the hotel room to rest up for Saturday.
We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head to The Color Run.  I was extremely nervous but I was able to eat a little breakfast.  Thankfully we found some parking pretty close to the run.  They said there were close to 15,000 who ran in the race.  It started at 9:00 and they would let waves of people go every 5 minutes.  I think we started somewhere close to 9:40.  Since it wasn't timed I'm not sure what our actual time was that we finished it in.  Kathleen said it was in the 40 minute range.  I think that's pretty good for my first 5k.  I only stopped to walk through the color zones because I wanted to be as colorful as possible.  Other than that I only stopped once to let my shin rest for a bit.  I'm extremely proud of myself for finishing my first 5k.  I'm hoping to do an actual timed 5k in June.
I don't look to happy durning this part of the run.
Happier here.
The camera guy caught us coming out of the orange zone.
All colorful!!
We had to drive home all colorful! Hehe

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hogeye Half Marathon

As many of you know Chris has been training for his first half marathon and two weeks ago he finished! I'm so proud of how hard he has been working to achieve his dreams.  Thankfully his parents were up that weekend so they were able to see him run in it.  We cheered him on at the starting line and then we drove to the half way mark to cheer him on some more.  Our friends Greg and Becky came along to cheer him on too.  Then we all drove down to the finish line and Chris finished in 2 hours and 31 minutes!!! He finished 1 minute past his goal but he stopped once to get some cold water which probably took a minute.
And they're off!!
Half way there!
Crossing the finish line.
No words can express how proud I am of him.  He has been working so hard on running and losing weight.  He's been doing this for a little over a year now.  He's down 80lbs and I know he's a huge inspiration to so many people.  People ask him all the time how he did it and he say's not eating so much and exercising more.  My Health Science professors all said the same thing and he's doing it the healthy way. I know he has several races lined up for the rest of the year.  In June he is doing the Pig Trail Mudrun, followed by the Bentonville 10K and he'll finish the year with the Fayetteville Half Marathon.  Next year he plans on running in the Oklahoma City full marathon. Congrats Chris on completing your first half marathon, I am so proud of you!! Here are some videos Greg took of Chris.

Doggie update

I can't believe that Morgan has been gone for a month now.  I've finally gotten use to it being so quiet in the house.  It's strange though when there is a thunderstorm I keep waiting for him to come headbutt me. I think that Newton and Baxter have finally started to adjust to him being gone.  Newton hasn't looked him for awhile and Baxter adjusted pretty quickly.  He loves getting all of Chris's attention now. Now that Newton doesn't have a playmate he has gained some weight.  He keeps trying to play with Baxter but Baxter will not play with him.  Hopefully they settle their differences soon.
This is how I found Newton the day after Morgan passed away.  He was sniffing Morgan's pillows looking all over for him.
Baxter had a scheduled hair appointment the next day and he wasn't happy to go to the groomers without his buddy.
Chris had this magnet painted for me so that I can always remember Morgan.   I think it looks just like him. I sure do miss my Morgie.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A long time ago

12 years ago Chris and I went on our first date.  I can't believe how quickly time has passed.  It seems like just yesterday Chris was meeting me at the library with his best friend, Frank.  My sister also came along with us to dinner at Applebee's before we all went to Barnhill Arena to watch the 3 Doors Down Concert.  God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband and best friend.  Too many more wonderful years together!
Our first date 2001.  We looked like babies then.