Friday, April 26, 2013

Doggie update

I can't believe that Morgan has been gone for a month now.  I've finally gotten use to it being so quiet in the house.  It's strange though when there is a thunderstorm I keep waiting for him to come headbutt me. I think that Newton and Baxter have finally started to adjust to him being gone.  Newton hasn't looked him for awhile and Baxter adjusted pretty quickly.  He loves getting all of Chris's attention now. Now that Newton doesn't have a playmate he has gained some weight.  He keeps trying to play with Baxter but Baxter will not play with him.  Hopefully they settle their differences soon.
This is how I found Newton the day after Morgan passed away.  He was sniffing Morgan's pillows looking all over for him.
Baxter had a scheduled hair appointment the next day and he wasn't happy to go to the groomers without his buddy.
Chris had this magnet painted for me so that I can always remember Morgan.   I think it looks just like him. I sure do miss my Morgie.

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