Friday, September 12, 2008

The US Senate to examine TEXT MESSAGE PRICES

It is time for another rant by me. Today as I was driving for work and Ike was bearing down on Texas gas prices managed to jump by as much as 50 cents a gallon. It is amazing that we continue to let this happen. This comes on the heels of OPEC saying that gas prices had fallen to much to they were going to scale back production to "boost" gas prices. I left Bentonville at 1 o'clock and gas was 3.45, expensive yes but not out of the ordinary. I came back into Bentonville at 3 o'clock and the same gas station was now at 3.99!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!! Well not really but it still sucks. I understand that 75% of the oil that the US produces in handled in the gulf where Ike is. However, how did it mange to increase 20% in 2 hours. The government seems to have better things on their plates than to deal with an economy where inflation is out of control. One such item is the price of text messages. This article at ABCNEWS is about a senator who is worried of the inflation prices of text messages. For the love of Pete why is a Senator worried about how much he is paying for little Susie to text message her friends. He could care less about how much gas is?????????? This is incredible to me. I have such a hard time understanding how Washington can be so out of touch with the people of this nation. I understand that this Senator hasn't paid for a drop of gas out of his own pocket since he went into office, but does he not read the paper. It seems to me that this would be high on his list. The only thing I hear them talking about is drilling for more oil. That is great but how long with the infrastructure take to get in place for this??? Believe it or not I am going to take one of my dads political views on this one. Somebody needs to get a hold of OPEC and have a little chat. Let them know that we have protected them for long enough. It is about time that we get something in return. Now I won't be as harsh as my dad would be, however, I would grab one of them and let them know what I think. All I have seen out of the Presidential debate is whether or not Sarah Palin is ready to lead. And whether or not her daughter should be pregnant. My favorite is the fact that OBama called her a pig. That is such a HUGE concern to me whether or not she is a pig, a pit bull or a hockey mom. I have heard that John McCain isn't going to bring change. I have heard that OBama wants to cut taxes for the poor and tax the wealthy. I have yet to hear that either is going to fix this mess. I know that in the debates it will come up but the issue will get skirted because neither of them wants to say how to fix it. Why not???????? I have a good solution but it would cause too many problems for the Washington crowd. They are all vacationing in Dubai on their private jets, sipping, Cristal and riding their private yachts. Well I am vacationing in Dallas, riding in the Aura, sipping sweet tea and riding the ferris wheel at the county fair. I am so tired of Washington running this country the way they want it ran and having our Senators be worried about how much his cell phone bill is. One day Chris McClenny is going to be president and Rham Cunningham will be vice president (Frank) and all will be good.