Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rock Band Halloween

I want to say a huge thanks to our friends Greg & Becky for bringing over their new Rock Band 4 so we could all play with the keytar!  Who knew playing video games could be so much fun!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just Dance Halloween

This year for our Halloween party we added a new video game into the mix.  We normally play Rock Band and Guitar Hero but for added entertainment we played Just Dance.  It's a really good video game that's not only good for exercise but great for entertainment purposes!  Here are some pics and videos for your amusement!

Halloween Party 2010

I know many of you guys have been waiting to see all of the Halloween pictures of our 5th annual Halloween Spooktacular. I have so many pictures that I'll break them up into 2 more blog entries! This year we had more people attend and it turned out great. We actually converted our garage into another place to hang out. Chris said that next year we'll have to rent out a place if it gets any bigger!!
Best Original Costume: Old Dirty Bastard
Best Costume: Zombie
Funniest Costume: Chris the Penguin

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Baxter

Four years ago our little dog Baxter was born to a Boston Terrier that was being fostered by my co-worker. His mother had 8 other puppies and Baxter was the precious one that we brought home. We were lucky enough to see him just hours after he was born and he looked like a little mole! We waited 6 weeks before we were able to bring him home forever. Baxter has been through a lot in a short about of time. Moving to a new home, getting a new brother, and going through back surgery. But we love him all the same! To many more birthdays spent together!!