Monday, March 22, 2010

Official start to Spring

Friday was the most beautiful Spring day. It was in the high 60s and I was able to wear flip flops. All of our daffodils were blooming in the backyard and I was able to cut a ton of them and put them around the house. We went from being able to do almost a foot of snow! Saturday was the official start to Spring, but it definitely doesn't look like that around here! When we checked the weather channel it should that the average temperature for this time of year is suppose to be in the high 60s. Hurry back Spring because I'm so tired of winter!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the mend

Last Monday we took Baxter to OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Stillwater to see if he qualified for Laser Disc Ablation surgery. They are one of the top veterinary clinics in the nation to take your pet and they were the ones that came up with this procedure. We were really worried that he wouldn't qualify for the surgery. For dogs to even be considered for this procedure they have to be completely pain free 2 weeks prior to the surgery and they can't have any pain medications during that time. Thankfully Baxter meant all of their requirements and they did the surgery Tuesday.

We got to pick him up Wednesday and he is now on crate rest for 2 weeks. The doctors at OSU were excellent and the resident that was assigned to Baxter's case was superb! She called us numerous times with updates on Baxter. She got there early and stayed extremely late taking care of him. Hopefully this surgery will help him with his back problems and he won't be in any pain. They have a 97% success rate with this surgery so we are optimistic that he'll be back to his normal self soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2 years away

This Saturday I turned 28, that means that I'm just 2 years away from 30! I just can't believe how old I'm getting!! Although for some reason I went most of last year already thinking that I was 28, so it wasn't that hard of a transition for me. I don't think that I'm going to be doing that this year! I decided that this year I was going to take some time off for my birthday and just relax. I had a manicure and a pedicure, got my hair cut, and the most unrelaxing thing I had to do was renew my driver's license. My parents took me out to lunch for my birthday and we went and watched the Razorback Basketball team lose their last home game. I made Chris do lots of shopping with me and it turned out to be a wonderful birthday celebration. Here's hoping that the rest of the year turns out great!

Out with the old

When we bought our house we didn't pay attention to all of the stuff outside. We just concentrated on what it looked like inside and the outside was just an added bonus. After we moved in we realized that we have a TON of flower beds. We have flower beds that go around the house completely and flower beds that line the back of the privacy fence. It's not easy to weed these flower beds and when they aren't maintained they turn into a HUGE mess!!

Since I'm allergic to grass we decided that I would weed the flower beds and Chris would do all of the mowing and yard work. Well I didn't do a very good job and they ended up looking bad! So this year we decided to hire a landscaping company to weed the front beds, put in new shrubs, and put down weed blocker. Since there are a lot more beds in the backyard they'll have to wait until the summer time to have them done! Hopefully the weed blocker will help cut down on the weeds. I'm excited to see what it all looks like once all of the flowers come up!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Opening Day

Are you ready for some....Baseball? A couple of weeks ago the Razorbacks finally started baseball season. I wait all year for baseball to start. It's the only game that I really enjoy and the only one that I will attend on a regular basis. Although I have been going to some basketball games this year but don't think I'm going to start going to football games. Thankfully opening day wasn't miserably cold or raining. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day and an almost beautiful weekend for baseball. Sunday's game was rain delayed but it stopped raining and we were able to play and win the series against Ball State. I'm hoping for a great baseball season this year with a return to the College World Series. I'm so praying for warmer weather and not as much rain this year!!