Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Tonight by sister came over and took our Christmas card picture for this year. If you don't get one in person or through e-mail here is the photo that we used. We don't print many of them off and we don't send them out anymore so if you want one print it off yourself!!

Happy Holidays from Chris, Mel, Baxter & Morgan

Christmas with the Bosch's

After a full day of decorating both inside and outside we are finally finished decorating for Christmas. I really can't say that though because we're always adding more ornaments or little decorations, but for the most part we are done. We are also almost done shopping for Christmas as well. We just have one more person to buy for and she just wants sugar free candy! Here are some pictures of some of our decorations. Chris already has grand plans for next years outside decor.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Advent

Today is the first day of Advent and in honor of that I thought that I would show you all the Christmas tree that we put up in the dining room. This year we are going to have two Christmas trees. The one in the living room will be the one that has all of the pretty ornaments and the one in the dining room will have all of the whimsical ones. We were going to put up the living room tree today put we weren't motivated to do it. I'll post pictures of the pretty tree when it goes up.

I hate fluffing the tree so I made my sister help this year!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving and we are so blessed to have all of our families over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I know that it can be very hard to get everyone together for holidays but we are so lucky that we get to see everyone during Thanksgiving. Enjoy the leftovers everyone!

Razorback Football Adventure

November has whizzed past at record speed for us. It seems like every weekend we have parties to go to and football or basketball games to attend. A couple of weeks ago my sister and I got to tailgate and go through walk through before the Razorback vs. South Carolina football game. We didn't want to go to the actual game so we stayed down at tailgate and watched the game from there. It's always fun to watch people who are going to the game.

Can't people watch without an Elvis sighting!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chasing Balloons

Yesterday Chris and I took down all of the Halloween decorations and finished cleaning up from the party. We had about 20 balloons to pop and we found a new way of popping them. If you receive this in an e-mail you might have to go to our actual blog for the video to work. I think that we need to sign Baxter up for volleyball lessons!

Who knew that a balloon could be so much fun!

Halloween Bash Part 2

Here are some more pictures from the party. If you want to see all of the pictures from the party, which are a lot, you can view them all on Facebook.

Grim Reaper


Billy Mays

Razorback Hammer

60's Dancer


Group Photos

Halloween Bash Part 1

Here are some photos from our Halloween party a few days ago. We had a really good turn out this year with lots of really good costumes. It's getting harder and harder every year to decide which costumes are the best because they are all so good.

Funniest Costumes

Most Original Costumes

1st Place Costumes

Scary Clown

Black Angel

Super Razorback Fan


80's child

Sumo Wrestler

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone is having a spooktacular Halloween this year. I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. It seems like we just celebrated Halloween a couple of months ago. Here are some pictures of the pumpkins that we carved this year. Pictures from the Halloween party will be posted in the next few days. Leave us a comment with which pumpkin is your favorite.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jumping in

This weekend was a beautiful fall weekend in Northwest Arkansas. Sadly yesterday it was cloudy and we aren't able to go take fall foliage pictures. Hopefully this weekend the trees still have their leaves. So since we couldn't take pictures yesterday we decided we better rake up our leaves in the front yard. This is the first year that we have lived here that we have actually had to rake leaves. Normally the leaves fall so quickly that we don't get a chance to rake them up because they blow into the neighbor's yards. Baxter had a great time running and jumping into the piles of leaves. I wish that the fall leaves would stick around a little bit longer but it looks like we aren't going to get that chance.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Falling into fall

I have never been one who really likes fall because I don't like cooler weather. But the fall season brings lots of enjoyable things like fall foliage, coats, jackets, hoodies, pumpkins, hot chocolate, apple cider, bon fires, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and I guess the football season! I love decorating for fall and especially Halloween. A couple of weekends ago I went to the Apple Festival with my family while Chris went to Dallas for the football game. I love the Apple Festival because you get fresh apples, cider, and you get to look at all of the crafts, although this year I was disappointed in the craft selection that they had. This coming weekend is the biggest craft fair weekend in our area. Chris's parents are coming up this weekend to go to them. I'm hoping to get some more fall decorations and it looks like the weather is going to be a cool fall day. Here are my top five favorite autumn things:

1. Fall Foliage- I love it when the trees start changing color, it is my favorite time of year to take pictures

2. Pansies- They are my absolute favorite flower to plant. I wish that they could survive in summer!

3. Halloween- I love almost everything about Halloween. From decorating to having parties, dressing up, and I love the candy!!

4. Fall clothes- I absolutely love coats and jackets, anything that is warm and cozy. I wish that I could wear them all year.

5. Pumpkins- Especially pumpkin pie concretes from Andy's Frozen Custard! Although I love being able to carve them as well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bikes, Blues, & BBQ

If you live in Northwest Arkansas then you know that this past weekend was Bikes, Blues, & BBQ. Hundreds of thousands of bikes around 3,000 invade Fayetteville for this annual event. It's a lot of fun to go check out the bikes but I know that it brings in a lot of noise to this area. But, on the plus side it also brings it a lot of money! We try to go every year to check out the bikes and of course listen to some music and eat some food. Although this year we just took some pictures. I could tell that there weren't as many bikes as there have been in years past. I think that the economy really affected the event this year. I also saw more bikes with for sale signs on them. Here are some of my favorite pics and bikes from this year.