Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coffee table tray

After we moved the coffee table back into the living room I told Chris that we needed to find a coffee table tray to put on it.  A lot of the reasons the table got scuffed up was because we would just toss the remote controls and iPads on the table.  Finding a coffee table tray that worked wasn't that easy though.  We looked all over and we finally decided that we would probably have to make one or find one at an antique store or flea market.  We went to Mena this Saturday to check out Chris family's new consignment shop, which if you're ever there is called The Allure Consignment make sure and check it out.  While we were there we wandered around downtown Mena and we found a coffee table tray at one of the antique stores.  It wasn't for sale but the guy sold it to us anyways.  We liked the shape but I didn't like the wicker part of it.  So we decided to spray paint it red, give it a little distressing to match the coffee table and add some fabric to cover up the wicker.  I think that it turned out pretty chic looking for something that we found at an antique store!
A photo I took wandering around Mena.
Here's what it looked like before we started.
The completed project!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee table in distress

Chris and I love to go antique and flea markets.  It's also a very bad place to get ideas for our house.  Lately I've been seeing a lot of furniture being painted different colors and then people give it a distressed look.  Well our coffee table has seen better days.  The top had a ton of scratches and water marks on it.  I kept telling Chris that I was going to paint the coffee table black.  So one day when I was at work Chris sent me a picture of the coffee table half sanded.  After it was sanded we primed it and then painted it red.  I forgot to take some pictures of the red phase of the project but we painted it red so once we distressed it you could see some of it.  Once that was done we painted it several coats of black paint and started to distress it.  I'm not a 100% happy with the way that it turned out.  I've painted a lot of furniture now and for some reason this one didn't turn out the exact way that I wanted it.  It looks a whole lot better than what it did, so I'll take that!
You have to wear proper face gear to sand! :)
This is the only photo I took while we were still painting.  You can see some of the red underneath.
Finished painting!
I like that you can see the red and the white after we finished distressing it.
Completed and moved back into the house!