Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you ready for some football

This past Saturday was the first football home game of the season.  I can't believe that it's football season again! You guys know by now that we go all out for tailgate, this year is no exception.  We discovered that the generator can power a fan as well as all of the other normal tailgate stuff. The fan really came in handy since it was 90+ outside.  We've had a pretty mild summer so far and mother nature decided to pick the first game to be one of the hottest.  Other than that it was another successful tailgate at Bacon Lovin' Tailgate.
Bacon wrapped hotdog!
While the guys are at the football we get to watch tv.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Recap

We spent the month of August in a blur of work.  Chris had applied for a different position within his company.  Thankfully he got the job and he started last Monday.  It means that he won't be traveling near as much, and he'll be home every night.  The only bad thing is that now we actually have to start paying for gas in our second car!  We've been having doubts on whether we should get a hybrid car.  I've test driven several of them but we're going to wait a few months to see how much it's really going to cost us in gas. Right after he found out he got the job his company got a box for one of the Naturals home baseball games.  Their mascot got to throw out the first pitch.
View from the box.
He was a little tired.
The only other fun thing we really did in August was that we all went out to Dickinson Street one Friday night.  We all had a blast and we didn't get home until 2:30! We got to do karaoke and go to our favorite piano bar, Willy D's.  Of course the night isn't complete without a late night stop at Village Inn before heading home.
We all got dressed up for our night out on the town!