Monday, May 3, 2010

Backyard nightmare

Chris and I have really been working on getting the backyard flowerbeds redone and putting down weed block. We've been so busy though with home baseball games that we really haven't had a lot of time to work in the backyard. I will say that since we had our front flowerbeds redone that we have caused all of our neighbors to start taking care of their yards as well. Everyone gets their yards sprayed for weeds and they have all started working on their yards more. I think that we have one of the nicest streets in the subdivision now!!

Hosta beds:
Daylilies, Hollyhocks, & Stargazer Lily:
Trumpet vine and plants I don't know:
Chris redid this flowerbed completely. He planted some boxwood shrubs and there are daffodil and gladiolus bulbs that will come up.
There are two flowerbeds that we still haven't touched yet and I wish that we could pay someone to take care of them because they have become so overgrown!
When the flowers in the front yard start blooming I'll post pictures of the completed flowerbeds. We bought a few new flowering plants and added new solar lights, so it's starting to look really good!!