Saturday, February 9, 2013

Resort living

I helped Chris out with his trade show in the morning but I spent the rest of my day walking around the resort.  I hung out at the pool for a little while but it was pretty cool.  So I found a hammock and spent most of the day reading a book.  Once Chris was done we had two options we go go to Universal Studios or go to Downtown Disney.  We decided to go to Downtown Disney because we had an extremely early flight.  It's a good thing we did because I could hear everyone coming back to their rooms around 2 in the morning! It was a short and sweet trip to Orlando but we still had a good time.
Chris's booth at the trade show.
So I forgot my swimsuit but I just had to soak my feet for awhile anyways.

Magical world of Disney

One of the main reasons I went with Chris to his trade show was so I could go to Disney World.  This is something that I have dreamed of doing.  I always wanted to go to Disney World as a child but my parents could never afford to go. I grow up watching all of the Disney movies and I'm so glad that I was able to finally go.  Even though it was just for a few hours those few hours will always be magical.  I know it's really cheesy to say that but the atmosphere did have a magical quality to it.  I'm not sure if it's because you get to see all of the characters in person or if it's just being there.  But I had great time and Chris really enjoyed himself too.
I love Winnie the Pooh and I couldn't pass up meeting him in person.  I wasn't the only adult in line to meet him either.
Tigger really didn't want to stop hugging me.
Chris had his picture taken with Buzzlight Year for his nephew, Jakob.
We had to buy the RD2D mickey mouse ears.
Although the Yoda ears were pretty cool too!

I loved the electrical parade.

I was really impressed with the light show and fireworks display.
Here are some videos of the light show and fireworks display.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

Chris has to travel a lot for his job and normally I never get to go.  But when he told me in November that he was working a trade show in Orlando in January and asked me if I wanted to go I of course said yes.  It helped too that it was at a Disney resort and that we got to go to Disney World one night.  The only thing that I had to buy was my flight and food.  So we booked our flights which were pretty cheap out of Branson.  The Branson airport is really small and the only flight that left that day was ours.  We arrived two hours early for our flight and security wasn't even open yet!  We made a pit stop in Atlanta long enough for me to go to the bathroom before boarding our flight to Orlando.

Once we arrived in Orlando we took the Disney Magical Express tour bus to our Disney resort.  If you plan on traveling to Disney this is the best way to do it! Our resort was one of the closest ones to the airport but it was still a 20 minute bus ride.  Once we arrived and checked in we had to walk a mile to our room.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we got to see a beautiful sunset.  We had dinner that night with some of Chris's coworkers. Then we turned in for the night since we had to be up early to set up for the trade show.
I loved that everything had a Mickey Mouse design!
We woke up early to sneeze a run in. We couldn't pass up running in warm weather! We had breakfast at the resort and then went to set up for the show.  There wasn't much to set up so after lunch we got our tickets to Disney and headed to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon. We got to pick which park to go to and this is the one that we chose since we both have never been before.
Disney Coronado Springs Resort
Strange to see flowers building in January.
I loved these birds.  I'm not sure what they were called though.