Monday, January 30, 2012

October blur

The last few months of 2011 went by in a blur of activity from spending time with friends and family to football games and holidays.  October was a really fun month.  Chris's parents came up to visit and of course go to all of the craft fairs.  All of Chris's football friends make fun of him for going to the craft fairs and they call him a craft fairy.  One of our friends even made him an apron with it on there.  It's always interesting to see all of the people who go to craft fairs.  For some strange reason people always have to dress alike with the same shirts or even witches hats!
We didn't buy a whole lot at the craft fairs but we did get a few things.  I bought some Halloween decorations and Chris's mom bought me a hat that I've always wanted.  Chris was also invited by our marriage enrichment counsel at church to be a Bob Eubanks for the oldie newlywed came.  It was really fun to go to and Chris did a great job!
Of course October wouldn't be complete without our annual Halloween party.  I'll do a separate post with all of the photos from the party but here are our pumpkins that we craved.

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