Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready for fall

The temperature has been a lot cooler in our area and we have gotten a few inches of rain in the past couple of days.  One morning we had lows in the 60s!  It makes me ready for fall weather and that means it's almost time to start decorating for fall and Halloween.

Last Saturday at Yankee Candle was the debut of the 2011 Boney Bunch collection.  We were not in town because we went down to Mena to visit with Chris's family for the day.  So Sunday after church Kathleen and I went to the mall to look at the new collection.  Every year I add a new piece to my collection.  Boney Bunch is highly collectible and a lot of the pieces sell out within minutes of them being available.  Most people are like me and treasure their pieces but there are some who buy multiples and sell them for a huge profit on eBay.  Once they are sold out it is very rare for Yankee Candle to bring them back.  This years most coveted item was the Boney Bunch dog it sold for $9.99 in the store and you can find it on eBay anywhere from 30-100!  Here are some of the pieces I got this year.  Chris surprised me and got me a couple of extra pieces this year and he got me on the waiting list at two stores just in case they get anymore of the dogs in.

When Chris was out of town he also bought me a new accent pillow for the guest bedroom bedding.  I think that once the walls are painted to match it will all tie it in.  My question is what color should I paint the bed?  We don't like light colored furniture so it's between painting the bed black or attempting to stain it a darker color.  I'm worried with painting it black that the bedding will blend in with the bed.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys think.

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