Monday, August 8, 2011

30 years ago

July 11th was Chris's 30th birthday.  For his actually birthday we didn't do anything big except for go out to dinner with our closest friends.  But you guys all know that I couldn't just do nothing for his milestone birthday.  For months I had been planning a surprise birthday party on July 16th.  Chris was playing in his first disc golf tournament that day so it worked out perfect for a surprise birthday. 

If anyone remembers I had another surprise birthday party for Chris when he turned 25.  I had kept the secret for months only to leave a check list in the car for him to found out about the party.  This year I went to great lengths to keep the surprise party a secret.  I used my work email account to send out all of the evites and every text message I sent to people I deleted just in case Chris wanted to use my phone.  I made everyone park at the middle school which is blocks away from our house and shuttled everyone back to our house.

The party went off great expect for the tournament got over at 3:30 and the party didn't start until 5:30.  Thankfully our friend Greg was in the tournament as well and picked up Chris that morning so Chris wouldn't come home early.  Greg did a great job keeping him out until the party started and Chris was really surprised to see everyone especially his parents who drove up from Mena.  Thanks to everyone who was involved in helping me keep this secret from Chris, he had a wonderful birthday!

My parent's made homemade chocolate ice cream and I was eating from the container.
Chris looked for this hat at every craft fair last year.  Chris's Mom finally found it and bought it for his birthday present.
You can't have a birthday party without some Razorback decorations.
My parents!  I tried getting a family photo with Chris's parents but I could never get one.  Sorry the photo is blurry to but it was the only one of my parents.
Thanks Wolfpack for all your help decorating and for the emotional support!!
Chris and his dad.
Chris's Mom and Vaden.
Sarah and Frank drove all the way up from Mena too!
Thanks Greg & Becky for everything!

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