Friday, October 4, 2013

NYC Day 3

Saturday we left the hotel at 8 to grab some breakfast before we headed over to Grand Central Terminal.  It has been around for 100 years so we decided that we needed to check it out.  Once we finished there we walked over to the New York Public Library.  Sadly it didn’t open until 10 and the guys had to be back at the hotel to meet the rest of our group to head over to Rutgers University.
After the guys left Becky and I headed over to Time Square to do a little shopping.  We finished our shopping at Ann Taylor Loft and headed back to the hotel to get ready to see Wicked.  The hotel hailed a taxi for us and it took us to Toloache which is a Mexican restaurant right next to the theater. After lunch we walked over to Wicked.  Our seats were amazing we were 3 rows from the front.  If you are ever in NYC and you want to see a Broadway show, I would highly recommend that you go see it!
 When Wicked was over we wanted to do a little shopping so we headed over to Madison Avenue.  We really wanted to go to the Kate Spade store. After walking close to 2 miles in 3 inch heels we finally found it.  We got lost several times trying to find it but thankfully we did.  On a side note if you plan on wearing high heels in NYC be careful of all of the grates because your heels will stick in them! Also apparently everything closes at 6 on Madison Avenue including restaurants.  So we had to walk another mile before we food something to eat.  Once we had some food in our stomachs we decided to hail a taxi to take us back to our hotel.  Thankfully after 10 minutes a nice man showed me how to hail a taxi and I finally got one to stop for us.
Windows at Lord & Taylor
I loved this chair at Kate Spade!
 When we got back to the hotel I got dressed for dinner and waited for Chris to come back from the football game.  We had dinner reservations at 44 and X at 10 and Chris made it back to the hotel with 15 minutes to spare.  He quickly changed and then we ran to the restaurant.  It was really raining hard so we stayed for dessert and waited for the rain to stop before heading back to the hotel for the night.
I loved seeing the Empire State Building with all the different colored lights and fog.

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