Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Recap

February went by with a whirl of activities.  Our friend Valerie came back from Germany to visit some local universities to recruit for Black Forest Academy.  We all went to Hugo's one of her favorite restaurants.  She stayed the night with us so we got to visit with her for a little bit longer.  We definitely miss them!

Chris surprised me for Valentine's Day with an antique picture frame from the Cellar Door Antiques.  One of my coworkers owns this store and they have great antiques.  If you love to go antique shopping you need to stop by her store.
We printed off a picture of the Bridge of Sighs from Venice, Italy.
We also decided to replace the other pictures on the mantel with pictures that we took in Venice.
The other thing that Chris got me for Valentine's Day goes along with one of my favorite things, Razorback Baseball! You guys have probably noticed I have an obsession with a particular mascot called Ribby. I just can't believe that it's baseball season again.  If you want to know where we'll be for the next several months you should probably check Baum Stadium.
Opening Day was pretty cold!
Poor Stephen was so cold that he wore his ski mask!! 
You know I had to have my picture taken with Ribby for opening Day!
Greg & Becky
Pretty good crowd for it being so cold.
Game 2 was pretty chilly too.
Chris wearing his hog hat his mom got him.
Thankfully game 3 was warm enough so that I could wear my new Ribby shirt.

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