Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So last Wednesday I turned 31.  For some reason turning 31 was harder than turning 30.  I guess it felt like I was actually in my 30s now.  I started off my birthday festivities with Kathleen.  We of course had to stop by Bliss Cupcakes to celebrate.  I really didn't do anything fun for my actual birthday since Chris was out of town and didn't get back until 10 that night.  I did go to the eye doctor and got some new glasses ordered so that I can see.
I went with black frames and I hope they look okay.  I decided to go with something that I've never had before.  My other option was a wear that was pretty similar to what I already have.
I do love the side details on the frames. 
My sister made this for my birthday.  She knows that I love chevron and she put the heart were we where married at.
She also got me this initial bracelet. 
Thursday Chris took me to Tulsa for the day to celebrate and of course eat some really good food.  We also scooped out the route for the Color Run.  I was worried there might be some hills but it looks pretty flat.  Which is a good thing for me.  Friday and Saturday we went to the baseball games and Saturday night we went out with our friends to celebrate.
We stopped by Garden Ridge in Tulsa and bought a new rug for the living room.
I think I've decided I like the new ribbon boards at Baum.

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