Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mac World

After 8 years with our Dell computer we finally got a new computer!!  Thankfully the old computer lasted long enough for us to get a new one.  We had many conversations about what computer to get and we finally choose an iMac.  My first computer that my parents bought me was a purple iMac that I absolutely loved.  When I went to college they bought me a Gateway laptop and then when we got married we moved onto the Dell.  I have always missed my iMac and I'm so glad to finally have a Mac computer again.  It's going to be an adjustment getting back into the Mac world especially for Chris since he has never used one before.

After several days of transferring our iTunes and all of our photos the new computer is finally set up!  I want to send out a HUGE thank you to our friends Greg and Vaden for helping Chris sent up the new computer and with all of the troubleshooting.  Hopefully the new Mac lasts just as long as the Dell did.  Although Chris already has money set aside for when the new iPad when it comes out!!  I guess we are officially an all Mac family now!

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