Monday, February 21, 2011

All you need is love

Last Monday was Valentine's day and I'm sorry that this post is a little late but we've had some exciting things that have happened in the last week.  It all started the Wednesday of the snow storm.  We were locked in the house and weren't able to leave.  So in my boredom I logged onto the Petfinder application on my iPhone.  I've been wanting another dog for a while now and Chris just ignores it when I bring it up. Well there happened to be a Boston Terrier named Newton at the local animal shelter up for adoption.  I've always wanted one and since Baxter is part Boston I just had to have him.  So when the roads started to thaw I called the animal shelter and asked about Newton.  The lady that I spoke with on the phone said that he had been adopted.  I was crushed because I really wanted him.  Well that Saturday I noticed that he was still up for adoption so I sent them an email.  I had totally forgotten about him until Monday afternoon when I received a phone call saying that he was still able for adoption.  So I went down and met him and it was love at first sight.  I had to go to work so I couldn't do anything about him.  Chris was nice enough to bring Baxter down to meet him.  Chris adopted little Newton into our home and that plus some beautiful flowers was my Valentine's Day present.

It's been an adjustment having three dogs but then in a way it hasn't been that bad.  Newton is a sweet natured dog who gets along with everyone.  Morgan has pretty much adapted to him but Baxter still not sure about him.  Baxter doesn't like it when Newton takes his toys away from him and he doesn't want Newton sleeping in the bed.  I think that once they all settle down they will all make good playmates together.
My beautiful flowers that my wonderful hubby sent me
The newest addition to the Bosch family, Newton!

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