Monday, August 25, 2008

Sneak peak and upcoming events

Chris and I went to Target Friday and bought Baxter and Morgan their Halloween costumes. Morgan is going to be a lady bug (it was the biggest sized costume that they had) and Baxter is going to be a pumpkin. Morgan really likes his costume but Baxter hates his.
We also went to Halloween Express to get ideas for our 3rd annual Halloween party. The first year we all went as The Flintstones. Last year Chris went as the Spartan cheerleader that Will Ferrell portrayed on Saturday Night Live and I went as Snow White. I think that Chris is going to be another Will Ferrell character this year and I have no clue what I am going to be yet. If anyone has any suggestions leave us a comment and let us know.

This year Halloween falls on a Friday night so we are planning on having the Halloween party around 7 that night. Everyone is invited so mark that date on your calendars! We also will be having a Pampered Chef party October 18th at 7. I just wanted to let everyone know about them so they can start making plans on come. We will send out more formal invitations when the dates come closer.

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... said...

dude we are so coming!....what can I be? hmm...something pregnant is my only option haha.

anyways...we are due jan 16/17..maybe later. but I am glad I postponed my senior year b/c now I can get things ready!...hey I already lost three years before, one more year can't hurt right?