Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chris is going to run a 5K

I decided today that I am going to run a 5K. Yes I said that I am going to run a 5K. This coming from the guy who never actually ran a single pole during baseball practice. I have decided that I will run the Hogeye 5K in April of 09. So here is the plan. Since I am actually putting this on paper you guys are suppose to hold me accountable. So once a week everybody should call me and tell me to get off my fat butt and go run. I figure if everybody who reads this does it once a week and we take the people who won't call (Frank) then I should get like 5 phone calls a week. If I get 5 phone calls a week and I actually answer 3 of them and do it by April I should be good to go. I don't really know what brought this on but somewhere between when Britt started preaching and I left I decided to do this. I guess it was the fact that a local teacher was in the Olympics. She worked full time and had time to train for that. I should be able to find 45 minutes a day to do this right? I have said about 1,000,444,555,666 times that I was going to get in shape. I spent $500 on a treadmill. I tried eating good at Chick-fil-a. I bought Wii Fit. But what a surprise I am still fat. So I am going to train 4 days a week, not eat fried foods, and going to try try try to cut out the sweet tea and ColdStone creamery. April 5, 2009 is the day that gives me 218 days to get my big butt in shape. So all 4 people that read this need to keep me on it. If somebody is on my case maybe I will do it. I am going to put a poster up right now in the bathroom to remind me each day that I need to do it. Thanks in advance for your help and by April 5th of next year I will be 75 pounds lighter and be ready to complete my first 5k!!!!


... said...

Go run right now!!!! DO IT!! :)

Shannon said...

Good luck on your run! I enjoyed looking through your blog. Go Hogs!!