Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Playing catch up

Here are the highlights of the last several months told by photos because I really can't remember. My brain was very frazzled the first half of the year.  I'll post separately about all of the major running events that Chris has done in the first half of the year later.

Chris bought me a new Jeep in November!  I've always wanted a Jeep and I couldn't be happier with him, his name is Maximus.
Our Christmas card photo for 2014
New Year's Eve 2014.  We went out to dinner with friends and we were in bed by 10:30!
For Chris's Valentine's Day present I got him tickets to a whiskey tasting.  He was very excited about it and found several new whiskeys that he likes.
Chris bought me a new Kate Spade purse for my Valentine's Day present.
We celebrated Valentine's Day at one of our favorite restaurants and of course we had to get dessert to celebrate!
Opening day for Razorback baseball 2015
My annual Ribby the Razorback opening day picture.
March was a very interesting month with things breaking.  I was going to go to Vegas in May with Chris since he was going to be there for conference.  But, the rule of 3 happened and I needed a new tire replaced in my new Jeep, the stove blow up and had to be replaced and the heater gave out!  So needless to say I didn't end up going to Vegas!
New stove!
We attended the Wine Opener for Cystic Fibrosis.
I celebrated my birthday with a bright dress that my sister bought me.
Newton wasn't happy about not having any heat.  We woke up and it was in the low 40s in the house.
April- May
Baxter finally got a haircut!
We spent most of our time of course at Baum Stadium!
We attended a Country Chic Gala and we even had to buy Chris a cowboy shirt.  I already had the denim jacket and cowboy boots.
Easter 2015
Last home series for the regular year.

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