Monday, April 21, 2014

Doing our part

By now you probably now that I love to shop and it really doesn't matter what for either. Chris and I really love to support local businesses but our local town doesn't really have a lot of places to shop or eat.  It's really sad but our town is the only town in Northwest Arkansas that doesn't have any major shopping or restaurants.  We see all of these major businesses going in all over Northwest Arkansas but it seems like our local government isn't trying to recruit any of these companies.  Chris has taken it upon himself to contact businesses like IKEA, Garden Ridge, Pei Wei, and several other companies and let them know about this area.  Several of the companies have replied to his emails and seem pretty interested in this area.  Since our town doesn't have a whole lot of places to shop and eat at we take our business to other neighboring towns. I thought that I would share some of my favorite local places that we frequent

You've probably remember me mentioning the Cellar Door Antiques which is located in downtown Springdale.  The owner is one of my coworkers and her store is so cute and it's filled with antique furniture, artwork, glassware and so much more.  If you're ever in town make sure and stop by.

I really love to shop at local boutiques.  You get clothes that are unique and the owners are all personable and they remember who you are.  The Pink Tomato boutique is located in Bentonville.  The owner is a wonderful lady who always takes the time to say hi to me and tell me all about the sales and new items that has come in.  Another boutique that I really like is located in Springdale called Whimsy Whoo.  They have clothing and small decorative items.  When we go to Mena I love shopping at The Rage.  They have a website that you can shop from but I love shopping for clothes in person since I'm such a hard person to size.  Last but not least is my mother in law's consignment shop located in Mena called The Allure.  They sell name brand clothes for the whole entire family.

When we eat out we really try to eat at local places.  Some of our faves are Slim Chicken and they have several locations in Northwest Arkansas.  We love Mojitos in Fayetteville and of course our favorite in Springdale would have to be Susan's, Chris loves their eggs Benedict.

If you have local places that you like to shop or eat at please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know.  Chris and I love to try new things especially since it's helping support local businesses.

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