Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun with color

We really didn't do much in January because it's just been so cold. We've had quite a bit of winter weather in the last couple of weeks so we've just been spending a lot of time at home. This means I’ve had a lot of time for Chris to do craft projects and redecorate the house. For the past several months we've been buying painted antique frames from our favorite antique store, The Cellar Door. Chris has been saying that our living room needs more color. He wanted to paint the living room but I decided we could do a colorful photo wall gallery of pictures of places that we've traveled to.

We finally had enough picture frames to complete the wall. We first started with tracing out the outlines on newspaper and placing them on the wall for placement. I left them up on the wall for a week that way If I needed to move them I could before they were hung. After that Chris hung them on the wall.  I love how it turned out and it's just the right amount of color. 
We also found a bright red sofa table at one of the local shops here downtown. I think with the added pops of color from the photo gallery and the sofa table we now have plenty of color in the living room. 
We've been searching every where for photo books to store our pictures and we finally found them at Garden Ridge in Tulsa.  You can't see the middle one but it's for New York City.

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