Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cinco De Mayo and an Auction

Last week we had 5 straight days of baseball!  An absolute joy to any Razorback baseball fan.  We had to sit through some rain and we had a little bit of a rain delay for one game.  One of the games also fell on Cinco De Mayo and my favorite mascot Ribby got to have a little fun!  On Friday's game they wore my favorite uniforms of the year so far!!!  We don't have any baseball games this weekend which works out for me since I have to work all weekend all but there will be plenty of baseball for next weekend! :)
Scary looking weather coming in!
Don't you love rain delays?
Ribby I love you!!
I wish they would wear there socks up all of the time!
Last Saturday Chris and I got up really early and went to all of the craft fairs at the convention centers.  When we got finished there he went to go play disc golf and I went to see Dwight to get my new feathers put in.  My first feathers fell out and Dwight put in some new red and blue feathers just in time for the New School auction that night.  We got asked to attend by our friends Kathleen and Vaden who work there.  We won a gift card to Feltner Brothers for $11 and it's worth $15. There were all kinds of things up for auction.  Kathleen won a brand new Coach bag and James and Dwight won a HuHot gift card.  All in all it was a great night and it was followed by a wonderful Mother's day with my family!!
Dwight curled my feathers so you could see them.
James striking his best model pose.
Waiting for the auction to get finished.
We finally had to find a place to sit because it was so hot!

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