Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And my name is....

We have decided to name the new car Reginald. I know that many of you have asked what the car's name is and I have neglected to post it. I promise I will post pictures of him soon. I haven't posted any yet because it has been raining a lot here and he looks really disgusting.

I've been so busy lately working on the yard that I really haven't had a lot of time to do anything else. I have one flower bed left to weed and then I have to re-weed all of the flower beds again. I have to have everything completely weeded before Memorial Day because all of our family is coming over for a BBQ.

This weekend we are going to Mena for Traci's high school graduation. We can't believe that she is graduating high school and we are both very proud of her. We know that she is really excited to be done! We are also going to a family reunion on Chris's side of the family. So, the next couple of weekends for us are going to be very busy.

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Anonymous said...

I like Big Bertha better! Your car is a girl. Now you have made your car gender confused!!