Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Honey do projects

This past weekend Chris did a few home improvement projects to the house in between watching football games. I made him go to Lowe's and Home Depot 4 different times for different things. He installed two new shelves in the pantry/laundry room, fixed the garbage disposal, and installed two new shower heads. So, everyone will be happy, especially Frank, who come and use our guest bathroom. I guess this is the start of several more honey do projects around the house; oh, the joys of home ownership :). There is still a lot of stuff that we want to change like adding hardware to the kitchen cabinets, putting in hardwood floors, installing new bathroom light fixtures, changing out the ceiling fans, granite countertops and much much more. But, we have lots of time for all of that later. Here are some pictures of the projects:

New shelves:

Shower head in the guest bathroom:

Shower head in the master bathroom:

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