Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 7 Leaving Rome on a train to Zurich 

We decided to leave Rome bright and early to get to the train station.  The hotel called us a cab that took us to the train station.  We thought that traveling on Sunday wouldn't be so busy but we were sadly mistaken.  We wanted to get to Zurich early and be able to walk around the city but that wasn't the case.  We couldn't get an earlier train from Milan to Zurich so we had to hang out in Milan for four hours.  We wanted to do that rather than stay in Rome any longer than we had to.  We weren't too impressed with Rome and I don't think that we'll be going back.  I'm glad that we got to go but the city just wasn't for us.  The people were rude and pushy and it was just way too crowded for us.  After traveling all day on the train we eventually made it to Zurich around midnight.
I had to show everyone this.  This is considered a hair dryer in Europe!! I'm so glad I never have to use one again!
These are what some of the trains look like in Italy.  The ones that we took were the red trains which meant they went really fast!
This was one of the fastest trains we took going 186mph.

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