Monday, June 11, 2012

Fat Kid 2 months

It’s been 2 months since I began eating better and laying around less. It’s been a success so far, I’m down 28 lbs, and clothes I bought 6 years ago and never wore are now fitting. I ran 2 miles yesterday and only stopped 1 time. I would have stopped 3 times but Vaden made me keep going. I’m going to be doing a 5K on June 23rd, I’ve set a goal to complete it in under 40 minutes. For those who are 5K veterans that may be slow, however, for me that will be the most length and time I’ve ever run. I still have a goal in mind of losing 45 more lbs, and completing Tough Mudder next October. What is Tough Mudder read this. I want to be where she is. I’m not in this to be a health nut, or quit eating what I like to eat. I’m doing this so I can be around to see my kids and nephews grow up. I want them to look at me and see that it is possible to do it, but also not want to be in the position I was in to have to lose 80 lbs to get there. Hopefully I am able to keep the lbs coming off, complete my 5K, and be writing a post in 16 months about finishing Tough Mudder, wearing my orange headband, getting my tattoo, and drinking an ice cold beer.

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