Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice ice baby

As most of have heard Northwest Arkansas has lived through an Ice Storm that was really devastating to this whole area. There are close to 150,000 people who are still without power and it doesn't look like some people will get power back for awhile. We only lost power for 33 hours and I'm so grateful to have it back now. I will never take for granted how easy it is to turn on a lamp to read or be able to heat my house again. I haven't been able to work because my place of employment is still without power and may not get power back until Saturday night. So, since I had the day off today I took some pictures around town and at my parent's house. My parents lost pretty much all of their trees; I think that only 3 of them survived. This whole region looks like a tornado hit it. There are downed power lines and trees everywhere you look, it will take weeks for people to clean up. Thankfully we only lost one of our trees and it looks like the rest will all survive minus a few limbs.

Our Maple TreeThis is the only tree that didn't survive; it broke a few hours after this pictureMy Parent's front yardTheir backyardNow on to some happy pictures. I went up to campus today and here are some of those:

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad campus isn't completely destroyed. I wondered abut all the trees at Old Main Lawn, but it looks like they might be okay! :)