Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 9 Staufen, Freiberg, and Titisee 

We woke up early and headed into Kandern to meet with Pastor Art Mellie.  We wanted to renew our vows while we were in Germany and Jonathan and Valerie found us a perfect spot and person to do it.  After meeting with him to talk about the ceremony Valerie picked us up and we headed back to their house to pick of Jonathan and Eli before heading to Staufen.  After a short drive we arrived in Staufen and headed to world renowned Cafe Decker.  We got some hot beverages and some pastries and got some truffles for the road.  We walked around the town and headed up to the Castle and vineyards.  We didn't make it up to the castle but we did get to enjoy the beautiful scenery before we drove to Freiberg for lunch at IKEA. After lunch we walked around IKEA and took some pictures of some furniture that we wanted to get back in the states.
The view from Jonathan and Valerie's balcony.
They also have their own grape vine.

Swedish meatballs from IKEA.
When we finished up at IKEA we headed to Titisee.  Chris wanted to get his mother a cuckoo clock from Germany and the host family that we meet the night before suggested that we go here.  Jonathan and Valerie had never been here before either.  It was a really quint town that overlooked a lake.  We found a cuckoo clock store that sold cuckoo clocks that were actually made from the town and had it mailed back to Chris's mom.  We also did some more souvenir shopping for everyone.  We finished up our night by going to McDonald's for dinner.

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