Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 13 Lorrach

Saturday we all decided to take it easy and sleep in before heading to Lorrach for the day.  Jonathan made us his famous homemade pancakes.  After breakfast they took us to one of the local resale shops and Chris found a beer stein for himself.  After that we dropped the guys off at the disc golf course and Valerie, Eli and I headed to their local outdoor mall.  We didn't realize it but they were celebrating Oktoberfest in Lorrach.  So after Valerie and I finished shopping at H&M we all headed over to eat some German food.  I don't think I'll ever find brats as good as what we had in Germany.  We also enjoyed some yummy pumpkin soup.  After lunch we did a little more shopping before stopping for an ice cream snack.

They then took us to Rotteln Castle which is located in Lorrach.  We thankfully made it before the castle closed for the day.  From the top of the castle you could actually see the Alps in the distance.  After we finished up at the castle we headed back to Kandern to grab some pizzas at the local grocery store.  We then came back to their house and watched the Razorback game on the computer.  It's really strange to watch the game live when it's dark outside!

The white mountains in the background are the Alps.

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