Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 10 Riquewihr

Valerie made up a traditional German breakfast for us before we got on the road to Riquewihr, France.  They took us to Riquewihr Wednesday since everything in Germany was closed due to a holiday.  Riquewihr is a popular tourist attraction and is known for their wines that are produced in the village.  It looks pretty much the same as it did in the 16th century since it wasn't badly damaged during WWII.  I loved the charm of the town and it reminded me of a Hansel and Gretel town.  It's also known for their macaroons which were the best ones that I've ever tasted.  We ate lunch at a French restaurant which was interesting since I can't read French.  Valerie and I got a cheese soup, Chris got a ham and potato dish and Jonathan got a pizza.  We followed that up with eating a crepe for dessert.  We walked around the town for a little bit more before boarding the train that took us around the town and vineyards. 
Valerie and I sampling new wine.
Oh I miss these macaroons!
View of Riquewihr from the train.
 After finishing up we drove to a sporting goods store called Decathlon.  Decathlon is like Academy but it has ever sporting thing that you would need plus it has a fitness center attached to it.  When we finished up there we drove back to Germany and they took us to a bridge where Germany, France, and Switzerland all meet.  We went back to their house and Valerie cooked us up some wonderful pasta for dinner.

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