Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 8 Zurich and Liechtenstein

We were able to sleep in a little Monday morning before we meet our friends from Germany.  We went downstairs to get some breakfast and we smelled something odd but we weren't sure what it was.  When we walked in we saw a bowl of raw squid and octopus.  There was also a platter of steamed fish with the scales still on them.  I ended up eating white rice with soy sauce and Chris ate a bowl of cereal.  I think out of all of the breakfasts we eat overseas this was the strangest.  After breakfast we packed up our bags and went down to the lobby to meet Jonathan, Valerie, and Eli.

When they picked us up they took us around Zurich.  It was so great to see them.  We've missed them so much and we were so excited to spend a whole week with them!  When they first told us that they were going to be missionaries in Germany we knew that we wanted to go visit them and we started saving for this trip. When they arrived we went and got some Starbucks, which was the most expensive Starbucks drink I've ever had!!  We then walked around the Rhine River and went to the Grossmunster Church.  I wish that it wasn't overcast so we could have seen the view of the Alps.
After we finished up in Zurich we drove to Liechtenstein.  We saw several waterfalls and castles along the drive to the capital of Liechtenstein.  It wasn't that long of a drive from Zurich to Vaduz and it helps that there aren't any speed limits on certain parts of the road.  Once we arrived in Vaduz we walked around before getting some lunch.  After spending a little time in Vaduz we headed to Kandern, Germany to have dinner with the middle school dorm at Black Forrest Academy.  It was nice to be able to see where the students live and to see the dorm families that help students.  Once we finished helping prepare some snacks for the week we headed to Jonathan and Valerie's house for the rest of the night.
There are sculptors all over the city.
Thanks Valerie and Jonathan for such a great welcome!!

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