Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 4 Venice to Rome

We left Venice in the morning and when we were going through Saint Mark’s Square the square was actually flooding!! It was so neat to be able to see the city actually flooding before your eyes.  There were little geysers that would form and just bring up tons of water into the square.  We boarded the water taxi and headed to the train station. Our overall impression of the city was great and we’d love to go back.  I loved the charm of the city and how just by turning a few turns you’d just be by yourself!
Goodbye Venice!!  We miss you tons already!
From right outside the train station

We arrived in Rome four hours later. Rome was much hotter and a much faster paced city than all the other ones we visited.  After leaving the train station we found a taxi driver who took us to our hotel.  It was the scariest drive I think I’ve ever been on.  I prayed in the back seat that we wouldn’t be killed!  He was cutting people off and driving on the side walk.  But thankfully after 10 minutes we arrived safely at the Hotel Isabel.  When we walked in and checked in at the desk the hotel manager said that our room was being renovated and that they’d love to move us to their 5 star hotel across town which was located next to all of the attractions that we wanted to go to.  We agreed and they drove us to the Hotel Bolivar which didn’t look near as nice as the other hotel.  When we walked into our room I told Chris I really didn’t want to stay there or take a shower in the scary bathroom!!  He looked online to see the other rooms listed and they were all completely renovated with brand new bathrooms.  He asked the night manager about it and he told Chris to ask the manager in the morning.  After that we decided to walk to the Trevi Fountain and go shopping at the Spanish Steps.
Trevi Fountain.  Part of is was being renovated.
There were a ton of people at the fountain.  We couldn't even make it to the bottom.
Spanish Steps

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