Monday, December 31, 2012

November Recap

November went by in a blur of activities.  We swapped out our television and our chairs with friends.  We attended the lighting of the Ozarks and of course we voted.
This is my smile face (I don't like to show my teeth)! I've voted in every election since being able to.
Greg gave us his 60 inch TV and we gave our 50 inch to Kathleen and Vaden.
Goodbye big red chair you're going to a much better place and Morgan misses you dearly!
My coworker Lisa was moving and she was nice enough to give me her chaise lounge.  So now I'll always have it to remember her by.
We also bought an end table and lamp so I can read there.  I think it completes the corner.
2012 Lights of the Ozarks
We bought Newton and Baxter scarves to wear for our Christmas cards.

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