Monday, March 25, 2013


This is one of the hardest blog posts that I've had to write but last Thursday we had to put our dog Morgan to sleep.  He started feeling sick the previous Saturday and had been vomiting.  We just thought it was something that he ate outside but when Chris took him to the vet and they did x-rays they found things on either side of his intestines.  So they scheduled surgery for later that afternoon.  We went and saw him at lunch and he looked much better.  I really thought it was just something he ate but it turns out that wasn't the case he had several perforations in his stomach and intestines.  So Chris made the decision that it was best for them not to awake Morgan back up.

It's been really hard not having him here.  He was the one that you could always hear howling as soon as you got home and when I would be running in the subdivision I could hear him howling the whole time I was gone.  It just doesn't seem like he's gone.  I keep expecting to find him somewhere in the house laying on his pillow or locked in a closet.  The only time Morgan didn't bark was when he was left outside or locked in a closet.

It's been a huge adjustment for Baxter and Newton too.  Newton and Morgan were best friends.  They played together all the time especially on Friday afternoons when Chris was working.  Newton has been going from room to room looking for him.  Baxter and Newton are now trying to figure out how to be friends they've never really gotten along.  So far they're doing pretty good with each other.

Morgan's idea of playing was to bark at the other dogs.
We got Morgan from the animal shelter in November of 2007.  I wanted another dog and I saw that they had a Scotty mix.  So my sister and I went the next day to go look at him.  I couldn't leave the animal shelter without him.  It was a good thing we got him since he was scheduled for death row.  He was the sweetest and most loving dog that I'd ever meet.  There was never a person that he meet that he didn't like.  He did escape from the house the first day and I had to chase him down in high heels from house to house.  He just wanted someone to pat him.  We could definitely tell that whoever his previous owners were that they abused him.  Whenever he would hear a loud noise he would run into the corner and shake.  It took awhile for Morgan to realize that when Chris was yelling at football games that Chris wasn't yelling at him.
Morgan the first day we brought him home.
Morgan absolutely loved tv.  He would spend hours watching it all day.  That's another reason why the house is so quiet.  He would wake up in the morning and come over to you and start head butting you until you either started giving him attention or when you turned the tv on.

Morgan even watched the tv when it wasn't even turned on!
I'm definitely going to miss my Morgie Porgie.  I'll miss seeing your tail wag while you watched your favorite show Too Cute and try to bite the animals because you thought they were real.  I'll miss you howl when you wanted me to feed you and when you greeted me home.  I'll miss you coming over and head butting me when you wanted to me pet you. You were one of the best dogs that I've ever had and no other dog will ever compare to how sweet and loving you were. I leave you with some of my favorite photos of Morgan.
His first Christmas with us 2007.
I'm really going to miss that big wet nose!
Morgan hated wearing clothes.  He would walk backwards when we made him wear outfits.
This is one of my absolute favorite photos of Morgan.  He always let the other dogs bite him and he never fought back.  He was such a chill dog.
He loved rolling outside in the grass.


Katie said...

Oh my!! I'm so incredibly sorry to hear this. Our dog is a huge part of our family, so I can see how big of a loss this would be. It sounds like he was lucky to have you as family!

The J Part said...

We will miss you too, Morgan.