Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tulsa Fun

This past Saturday we headed over to Tulsa to watch the Tulsa Talons play against the Dallas Vigilantes.  We actually went to celebrate our friend Greg's birthday.  Last year we went and I guess it seems like we started a new tradition.

We love going to Tulsa because it's a really easy drive and there are so many cool things to do there.  It always seems like if we go for the day that we have to eat there twice.  This time we decided to try a different place that we normally go to.  We decided to eat at an Irish Pub in downtown Tulsa.  It was really close to the stadium and it got really good reviews as one of the best restaurants in Tulsa.  The food was awesome and I actually drank my first beer.  That's a miracle for me because I don't drink that much and if I don't I never drink beer.
The pub was located in a pretty cool part of downtown Tulsa.
Chris and Greg are always acting up in photos!
My first beer.
After we got down stuffing ourselves full we headed over to the BOK center to watch some arena league football.  For a person who hates football I can watch about half of arena league football.  By the second half I was totally bored but at least they have a cute mascot. After the game got finished we all drove over to the Cheesecake Factory for a late night snack and for some cheesecake.
The birthday boy!
Tulsa Talon was cute but I still love Ribby better!

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