Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I asked for opinions of what I should change the name of our blog to.  I got several responses to that question many of them very interesting!  Here are some of name ideas that I got:
  • The Topher and his Melon
  • Our Little Mulberry Batch
  • Life on Mulberry Lane
  • Live Long and Blogsper
  • Three Black Dogs
  • Who Let the Dogs Out
  • Animal House
  • 3 Dogs and Counting
  • Baseball and Hot Dogs
  • Hitting the Bases with the Bosch's
  • Bosch's HomeRuns
  • Bacon Bytes
  • May the Bosch's be with you
  • Boschalicious
  • Wired in with the Bosch family
  • I don't drive well in reverse
  • Bacon Blog
  • Boschialize
  • Bosch in Motion
I loved how creative everyone was with coming up with names.  I think that I have narrowed it down to six names that I really like.  Our Little Mulberry Batch and Life on Mulberry Lane are great neutral names.  I also like Live Long and Blosper and May the Bosch's be with you because we're HUGE Star Trek and Star Wars fans.  My last two that I like are Wired in with the Bosch family and Hitting the Bases with the Bosch's.  I plan on changing the name of the blog within the next week so if you come up with any other suggestions or if you want to vote for your favorite leave me a comment or send me an email!


Celeste said...

My favorites are May the Bosch's be with you and Hitting the Bases with the Bosch's! There are a lot of fun ideas though!

razorbackkathy said...

I love the topher and his melon!That's adorable!!hehe :)

Julia M. Photography said...

May the Bosch's be with you. For sure. That is AWESOME!

Kris said...

To combine some of the other suggestions: The Adventures of Topher, Melon, and Three Black Dogs. Of course the Star Trek one is probably the best choice for you!!

Haley said...

Live Long and Blogsper is my favorite, haha!