Thursday, October 21, 2010

China Cabinet Redo

A couple of months ago our fish Jack passed away and there has been an empty spot where his fish tank and stand use to be. Chris and I have been looking for something to put there to fill the space but we could never agree on anything. When we went down to Mena to visit Chris's family I looked over and told Chris that his grandmother's china cabinet was the perfect size piece of furniture that we had been looking for. Chris's parents were nice enough to give it to us to refinish.

Chris and I had long debates on how we should refinish it. He wanted to strip it completely and restore it back to what it use to look like before Chris's grandmother "antiqued" it back in the 1970s. It's actually from the 1940s and it use to have a cherry finish and beautiful glass lattice doors. But I wanted to paint it black and make it look more modern. Plus Chris really wanted to have it finished before his parents came up to see it. After great debate we decided to paint it black. We got a lot of grief from some of our male friends but I think that it turned out great! I've been following a blog called Just a Girl who gave us a step by step guide on how to paint furniture and I think that it turned out great!! Considering this was our first furniture restoration I'm very proud of how it turned out. Sorry some of the pictures aren't that great I took them with my iPhone.