Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the mend

Last Monday we took Baxter to OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Stillwater to see if he qualified for Laser Disc Ablation surgery. They are one of the top veterinary clinics in the nation to take your pet and they were the ones that came up with this procedure. We were really worried that he wouldn't qualify for the surgery. For dogs to even be considered for this procedure they have to be completely pain free 2 weeks prior to the surgery and they can't have any pain medications during that time. Thankfully Baxter meant all of their requirements and they did the surgery Tuesday.

We got to pick him up Wednesday and he is now on crate rest for 2 weeks. The doctors at OSU were excellent and the resident that was assigned to Baxter's case was superb! She called us numerous times with updates on Baxter. She got there early and stayed extremely late taking care of him. Hopefully this surgery will help him with his back problems and he won't be in any pain. They have a 97% success rate with this surgery so we are optimistic that he'll be back to his normal self soon!

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The J Part said...

Get well soon, Baxter! You look like you're wearing a nylon on your belly. Don't worry. The hair will grow BACK soon.