Friday, August 21, 2009

Tulsa Excursion Day 2

We spent our second day of our Tulsa vacation at the Tulsa Zoo. I haven't been to the Tulsa zoo in about 9 years and the last time I went with my friend Haley. I would have to say that the zoo has gone down hill in the past couple of years. There were a lot of exhibits that were empty, one in particular was the polar bear exhibit. It was nice to go to a zoo for a change rather than an aquarium.After we got done with the zoo we went over to the Philbrook Museum. Chris and I went a few years ago but the gardens were under construction so we went back to check out the new and improved gardens. I personally liked the way the old gardens looked but I can tell that they upgraded the stonework and walk ways. If you've never been to the Philbrook it is a really beautiful museum set in a beautiful part of Tulsa. It's really worth checking out.When we got finished at the Philbrook we headed over to Utica Square. Utica Square was designed to look like a village with tons of upscale shopping and fine restaurants. I didn't take any pictures but they have the red telephone booths that you would see in London. After we finished shopping and eating we went back to the hotel for a quick rest before having dinner with Chris's co-worker from Tulsa. They took us out to eat at Hideway Pizza which is apparently the place to eat pizza at in Tulsa. There are several locations in the Oklahoma area and unfortunately there aren't any in Arkansas.

After spending time with them we drove down to the downtown area to take a few pictures. We wanted to go to Cain's ballroom but there weren't any good bands in town that we wanted to see. We also took some pictures of Boston Avenue Methodist Church which was built in 1929 and has a tower that goes 255 feet high.

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