Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog gone cute

Friday I took the dogs to the groomers. This was the first professional haircut that Baxter has ever gotten minus the one that Mayline gave him several years ago. Baxter wasn't happy about being left there but Morgan was super happy to see everyone and get lots of attention. They did a great job cutting their hair and they look even cuter now! Morgan's pictures didn't turn out very well because he hates having his picture taken. But here are some before and after pictures of both of them.


After:Since we are speaking of pets I wanted to bring up that the place where I work has a homeless guinea pig to give away. Someone dropped off a box yesterday at our back door with a note on it that said "Needs a home." This is the second time this has happened at work and I think that it is absolutely ridiculous! If you can't take care of your pets don't even bother getting one! It makes me so mad when people can't take care of their animals. Animals have feelings just like you and I and they don't deserve to have someone drop them off like their a piece of trash! So if anyway knows of anyone who would like a free sweet guinea pig we'd be glad to give him to someone who would love him. Chris and I can't adopt another one because it wouldn't be fair to Patches. Let me know by tomorrow if anyone is interested!

I was just reading in the paper about a family writing in on whether or not they should give up their pet due to financial difficulties. According to the Humane Society pets not only provide unconditional love and affection but they decrease stress, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness and can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I know that pets can be a handful to take care of but please consider all options before getting rid of them! Our pets do really help us out!!

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