Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Party 2013

Last week was our 8th annual Halloween party.  I can't believe this was our 8th party.  We've definitely seen a lot of Halloween costumes over the years.  It gets harder and harder to find costumes every year.  I really wanted to be Carmen Sandiego this year and I looked everywhere in New York City and at home and could never find a red trench coat like hers.  Thankfully one of our friends saw that one of the resale shops had a Star Trek Uhura dress for sale that was pretty cheap.  So I headed down to try it on and pick up.  The only bad thing was that I tried it on over my clothes so I didn't realize just how short the dress was.  I debated all week on whether or not to wear it but I ended up wearing it with leggings.  Hopefully I didn't scare too many people!!  Chris went as Bob Ross this year and I think that he costume was a hit.
I think the decorations in the garage looked pretty good this year.

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