Saturday, October 5, 2013

NYC Day 4

When we started researching what we were going to do on our vacation in New York City, one of the things that Chris found out was that the 5th Avenue Mile was going on the Sunday we were scheduled to be there.  So he decided that he wanted to run it because not many people get to say that they've run a race in NYC.  We woke up extremely early and hopped on the subway to head to the race.  The temperature dropped that morning and it was pretty cool in Central Park.  While Chris was waiting for his race to start I found a waffle food truck to eat at.  I got to sit in Central Park and enjoy the quiet before the race started.  Then the next thing I see is a fat squirrel sitting right next to me trying to eat my waffle!! After jumping up from the park bench, I decided to wait for Chris to cross the finish line.  I'm so proud of him he finished his mile in 7:22.
My view while eating my waffle.
Once he was finished we meet the rest of our group in Central Park.  Half of us wanted to eat at Shake Shack and the other wanted to eat brunch.  So we split up for part of the day.  If you're in New York City on vacation you definetely want to make sure and eat at Shake Shack, their burgers are amazing! When we finished lunch we came across a mile long festival/farmer's market.  So we checked it out and came across a few bargains.  We then headed over to Central Park to see Bow Bridge and Strawberry Fields.  At that point we met up with the rest of our group and decided to head to Little Italy for another festival.
The cheese fries were so good!!
I loved that we just stumbled across this.
Views from Central Park.
Bow Bridge
The San Gennaro festival was going on in Little Italy so everyone thought that we should go check it out.  It turns out Little Italy and Chinatown pretty much run together.  You had to walk through Chinatown to get to Little Italy.  The festival was packed with pretty much a solid wall of bodies.  You couldn't enjoy it because you felt like cattle being herded along.  We didn't stay long before we decided to walk over to SoHo. We found another Kate Spade store where I found a purse that I really wanted to buy.  When we went to purchase it our debit card was declined.  Since we don't have credit cards we had to have them hold the purse till Monday.  We tried over and over to call our bank but no one every answered.  Chris was finally able to withdraw some money out of account so we could get dinner.

For dinner we eat at Eataly which is owned my Mario Batali. Eataly is a high end Italian market with restaurants.  Eataly also happens to be located in front of one of my favorite buildings in New York City, the Flatiron Building. Before dinner we checked out the market while we waited for a table to come open at one of the pasta restaurant.  The food was pretty authentic to real Italian food especially the pizza.  After dinner we took the subway to Serendipity 3 for dessert, they are best known for their frozen hot chocolate.
Flatiron Building
Frozen hot chocolate

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