Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tailgating it up

This past Saturday was the first Razorback football game of the new season.  The mark of football season means that we'll be spending time at Bacon Lovin' Tailgate (BLT).  This year the guys went all out for tailgating.  Greg bought a television and a generator and Chris got his parent's old DirectTV dish.  The more stuff they get means the SUV gets loaded down with stuff.  Thankfully everything arrived safely, although we almost lost the grill getting there and coming back.  But I think that they have figured a way to make sure it doesn't fall off for next time.
The grill was almost on the ground when we got there!
We made it!!!
I loved being able to wear my Razorback Toms to tailgate.
After everyone went to the game I stayed down at tailgate to make sure nothing got stolen.  Plus I don't like football so I got to watch whatever I wanted to once everyone left.  I was shocked at how many people approached me for things.  One lady wanted a water and some other people wanted cups and napkins.  Several guys tried dropping their wives off with me and there were a lot of guys who were upset because I wasn't watching the football game.  It was a little creepy sitting there by myself but thankfully Becky came back since she wasn't feeling good.  Next time I'm prepared to answer everyone with no leave me alone!  Other than that the day was great and we're ready for next weeks game.
Watching Star Wars is much better than going to the football game!!

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