Friday, July 30, 2010


I know that you all have probably thought that we died but these past couple of months have been the craziest months that we have ever had. Every weekend we have had something planned and we haven't had a lot of time for ourselves!! But at the end of June and beginning of July we decided to take some time off. We took the time off in hopes of going to the College World Series. Sadly we didn't make it so we just decided to hang around town and go to some places that we have never been before.

One of those places was Terra Studios which is located just outside of Fayetteville. They are known for making the bluebird of happiness. My parents had taken me as a child but Chris had never been there before. It's an interesting little place where they make pottery and other types of artistic things. There is a place to eat and walk around. If you are ever looking for an eclectic place to visit for the afternoon then I would suggest this one.

Making the bluebird of happiness:

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